Ben Familiar is a rapper and beatboxer from Dallas, Texas, known for his signature ability to incorporate original and unique sound effects into his songs and assume a mind boggling array of different personalities by changing his voice.

Ben grew up with the hip-hop and gangster rap influences of N.W.A, WU TANG, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, 2pac and Rahzel among others.

Born Benjamin Alexander Shlesinger, April 16,1985 he had a little underground success in 2008 with his independently released album, BOSS OF THE CITY” creating buzz in the underground scene but not enough to go worldwide. At nineteen, Ben moved to California with $500 in his pocket and a Cadillac to his name, determined to land a recording contract with a major label. While networking from the ground up during 2004 to 2008, he met multi-platinum producer Rhythm D through a mutual friend. As the songs started to show promise their relationship strengthened. Rhythm said to Ben, “When you’re ready to go mainstream let me know, I can take you to that next level.”

Aside from music, among Ben’s other talents are, a green thumb, so in 2010 he went awol to live and grow medical marijuana in the idyllic mountains of Northern California. From that experience came a plethora of heartfelt and groundbreaking lyrics. “I’ve always wanted to do a album explaining how far marijuana has come as an industry, from being demonized to becoming legalized,” says Ben. So in 2013 he reached out to Rhythm D and said , “I’m ready to go mainstream with this concept. ” The same year Ben moved out to Atlanta where Rhythm D was living, an early sign that Ben was to become part of the exclusive family of artists that Rhythm D had in his stable. Shortly thereafter, Ben inked a deal with Red Ram Entertainment helmed by Rhythm D.

By June 2014 he already had a single on radio with Too Short called “Undercover” on top Atlanta radio stations like streetz 94.5, hot 100 & v103 fm. Ben Familiar’s album “CANNABUSINESS” was released in 2015 with guest features such as King T, Bonecrusher and Too Short among others. As he splits his time between Atlanta and California promoting the album, Ben is also busy creating “Kush Rush” a reality show centered on his own personal experiences.